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Gevaert offers an extensive collection of brace webbings. The collection is recognised worldwide and contains more than 850 articles which are available without any minimum order quantity. The range goes from plain colours to jacquard designs with shiny effects or fine printed designs.

The Gevaert belt webbing collection includes a wide, colourful, range of both elastic belt webbings and rigid qualities. More than 750 articles are available without any minimum order quantity. Although mainly used for fashion belts our webbings can also be used for shoulder straps for bags and other accessories. Personalised webbing or special designs are possible. Please contact us to discuss any special requirements you may have.

This speciality product is being used to replace the common biais fabric waistbands for trousers. Used mostly in stretch fabric trousers, it offers a comfortable stretchability. Technical properties, such as after-wash shrinkage, are extremely important for this kind of product and this is why Gevaert is such a trusted supplier for many trouser companies.

Gevaert has become a valued all-round supplier of men’s underwear waistbands. With all imaginable colours and designs possible, the company can meet the exact requirements of the customer, whilst respecting the important technical specifications.

As a narrow fabrics manufacturer, we also have a wide range of elastics and ribbons made on demand according to specific needs. Widths vary from 6mm to 200mm. These are commonly used in the clothing industry (leisure wear, protective wear, work wear) but also in the automotive industry and orthopaedic industry among others.

Gevaert develops and weaves elastics and webbings for various technical applications, ranging from medical to automotive solutions.

For your project, we can be your webbing partner.