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Digital printing

Digital printing

Sublimation printing has a long tradition at Gevaert. But since the recent developments in digital printing, the possibilities have expanded enormously. The minimum production quantity for a special print has been reduced to only 400m and the quality of the technology is the best available today. 

There are 2 programs: the Gevaert Design Library where drawings can be selected from a wide range. These can,  depending on the desired surface and functions, be printed on a selected baseband.   In addition, there is the possibility to develop your own drawing through Customized Printing. 

Gevaert has hundreds of print designs that can be printed on various belts, starting at 400m per drawing.

It is possible to consult and order from our library of drawings online

Do you have a project for which you want to have a digital drawing printed on a belt or suspender? Gevaert can print any drawing on various base belts from as little as 400m. 

Don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your project.